who r u.

from by Tijon

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. verse 1 .
i'm a kid king killer my friends are killers too
dont pay attenion much, pay our fuckin dues
safe to say you'll hate us, way too flagrent
pick a brain change the game cant complain i'm on a plain
this the day to day, no money in our pockets
we walk in a daze if it pays then we're prophets
peace signs and guns cockin' you should walk away
think the more you know then the less you say
house dogs hate the strays sharpies on our combats
rat kids in the basements, parents losing contact

. chorus .
la da da la da da dat da x 2
who are you? and why are you talking to me?
got so high forgot that you were talking to me
la da da . la da dat da .
forgot that you were talking to me

. verse 2 .
i got 18 wheelers and diamonds on my shoes
turn a penny to a million ima show you how to do it all that breath you're wasting, sounding basic
talking like you know us when it's time to show you never show us you're a poser a polaroid easy to exposer
uncomfy in your own skin, weird to be around you
aint met a man i'd bow to, treat our time with value
dont talk bout being dope it you're not paid for being dope
i got business on my brain pretty women at my shows a podium to stand on just to have an overdose
in your first rap you moved blow and you never moved no blow so that never really sold when you're real it really shows .

. verse 3 .
this the shit you dream about shit you losing sleep about
pick the people you cant go a week without, weak without
kill em then you'll see the shit that we about preach about it never do it fuck these losers we the new kids.
i just blew 50 dollars, had it so i spent it
if the white of my eyes to the front i'm fuckin faded
got friends got enemies no time no energy to tell between the two keep my tiny mindless crew
you hate the shit you never knew or run run from it i could vomit 90 diamonds out a one ton stomach
could stop being a sinner but the funds come from it
youre not cool enough to sit here, you still know how to feel fear
only rule to rat king never be a king rat
only rule to rat king there could never be no king rat!


from rat kid ep., released May 6, 2014
. produced Chris D'Eletto & Tijon .



all rights reserved


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