rat kid ep.

by Tijon

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released May 6, 2014

. produced by Chris D'Eletto .
. executive producer Tijon .



all rights reserved


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Track Name: eastside.
i beg for forgiveness for this sin i commit
Christopher Wallace your opus was flawless
and you sir were lawless an outlaw true grit
me i'm the rat kid honored that you'd ask

. verse 1 .
I was kinda soop'd when Juanyto sent it through see
i was stupid in school used to doodle n drool in the back of the room blasting BIG is where you'll find me
lost in a daze hold up shh wait --
ok it's go time the ladies want to slow wine
the under belly of American idol in no time
hide my eye and vibe with me i am quiet dizzy
every time this happens i burn every bridge that i had
back flip back into Hackensack cause nobody loves us
dark shades and cadillacs nobody trusts us
i'm a fuck up on the come up i bet you could do it too
rock dirty chucks love drugs and keep a tiny crew
get fake love from fake fucks i got my eye on you
if you got your eye on me i hope youre blind enough to see
crack a nemo pack a needle with captain nemo twenty thousand pounds of ego wash it down with some vino.

eastside i rep the east side
eastside throw up the eastside
eastside i rep the eastside
if we could do this shit i bet you could do it too

. verse 2 .
i can do anything i want does that bother you?
maybe you can take you suit and tie and make a noose
sky dive off a hundred roof . excuses excuses .
jersey made a nuisance lets hop scotch and shoot shit
skip school and do it like we do on call of duty get super high and unruly hawk a loogie in the principals eyes
not i, not the one you want to test see KRS-one resurrected Bruce Lee
kicked me in my sweet tooth i landed in this shitty booth started rapping in Korean woke up in a mausoleum you were next to me
sorry to break the news but you died and nobody cried not even your mama so dont cry about it you'll just look like a major pussy
find me with the losers, prostitutes, and populars
better get your Orville Redenbacher and binoculars
hasn't felt like this since 96 in the city .


. verse 3 .
white smoke in my lung dark shade on my eye
riding through Bedstuy coolin with the Sitck Up
we are young new york youre a pound of pork in a Muslim food court
four wheeler on water useless as a first daughter in Beijing
play this and die big bomb attached to my ride
parked outside of hot 9-7
tell em play this or die the muthafuckin rat kings alive
i guess i just wanted to make the city proud
learned my hustle from every word out of biggies mouth
and Hovs mouth watched Puff move
got my confidence from Killa Cam and those dudes
X and Nas kept me sane through the pain
cant complain i'm just sayin if my city need some saving
i been sewing this shitty cape in my basement since the 8th grade
locked in a cage slightly deranged pacing
scotch tape and patience
so when the day comes i'll be waiting
eastside i rep the eastside
eastside die for the eastside.
Track Name: baddest.
we do what we want we dont ask for nothing sucka ask the baddest bet they say that we some bad mother x2

. verse 1 .
between you and me the thrill youre chasings a bore if reality dont like us then realties a whore
were bangin on the door hello we came for war
if youre reppin you should know exactly what youre reppin for
you impostor we could spot you in dalmatian skin
we're Cruella yellow furs and leopard minks broken homes and dirty sinks
shitty jobs and shitty thinkin, i'm thinkin, hold up i'm thinkin

. chorus .
were just bored were just bored we want to start a war
were just bored were just bored what you staring for?
we do what we want we dont ask for nothing sucker ask the baddest bet they say that we some bad bad bad

. verse 2 .
i got 5 on it dont sweat it ash right on the floor
i got 5 on it paper plates are in the drawer
thats the find china dont waste em put em under water
put em all in order then pull em under water
music loud the neighbors mad the cops come and arrest us
paddy wagon limousines your bentleys don't impress us
you cant dress like us your used to wearing cuffs
quit staring starer i told you you cant dress like us
i'm a shit head rat from a shit hole swamp get harassed by police pass a bowl before a blunt
locked me up for picking dandelions swear i getcha uncle John
where we're from they throw pebbles at you if you do not belong
hit the ground kiss my shlong i talk the talk and sprint the walk
kill your beat bring the chalk bag your bones before my groceries run to isle 3 grab febreeze and clean the scene before the Camden murder team arrives
i'll probably have till sunday morning its only monday night attend a riot on the sun i bet you still dont see the light
i know the angels wear the black and the devils were the white
you dont like me i dont care i packed too lightly for my flight

. verse 3 .
were the ones they warn you about the bad kids
i spent my time with the athletes and addicts in basements and attics
wish your mama took a facial and lame dick from your dad instead of having you
told my principal that shit today right after school it amused him so he did his civic duty tied a noose around the neck of a nuisance kicked me off the roof
i bruised my head but shit i went to bed and woke up in a new bughatti
cant control me i hope its obvious split the bill and i'll kill the optimist
hoppin out while you cop binoculars talkin bout youll catch me slippin
yea right bitch i wish you would like a dyke bitch that copped a genie lantern i'll graffiti on your hood like
i will never test Tijon cuz he seems kinda crazy
plus i heard that he neutered Chrissy D before he ate him
you have ball less production i'm lawless obstruction of justice
i'm blushing i'm blushing
Track Name: justified.
. verse 1 .
villains in the vip and we just arrived, cheating on the wives but it's justified
coke in her nose hollywood in her eyes
low IQ but her bust supplies what i lust tonight so what the fuck i might
numb in the blunt straight to the face done with the talk straight to the face dick in her mouth career on the climb had a press pass so it's justified
justified what a rush tonight throw the custom pipes on the custom bike
keep the curtains closed and dont trust your wife she might

. chorus .
make those cameras work x 3
its justified

. verse 2 .
aint no touchin unless you tippin big girl working for her tuition
her ambition got her soakin wet need a middle aged white man blue corvette
3 kids in college i bet his wife'd be sick if she seen them titties that he put on your chest
if she seen that ass in that blue corvette if she seen that cash she was tryin to spend
she was trying to win thats his justification hood ass strip club thats a fuckin vacation
give me a minute a moment alone lookin for a better me nobody home
no where to roam when you raised us drifters
gave us hard knocks but we take your women and they

. verse 3 .
tell me whatcha think baby tell me who ya love
she know i dont need her and my freedom is a drug
what's a little dirt we'll just sweep it under the rug
we're electric in a bottle busy shoppin for a plug
whats a label when an A&R's a local prostitute?
bust snorting lines off of my stomach in the living roof
sorry sir i really dont give a fuck to impress you
i got homies thats homeless we suffer from lack of decimals
home towns on heroin, feel you better i get it etc.
but that aint payin my bills bring my competitor
i'll pull a rabbit out a hat as heavy as an elephant
i dug a hole and left it open empty as a lesbian
hey veterans remember that feeling from your development?
it's here again we're tryna burn the building while ur children in em
Track Name: who r u.
. verse 1 .
i'm a kid king killer my friends are killers too
dont pay attenion much, pay our fuckin dues
safe to say you'll hate us, way too flagrent
pick a brain change the game cant complain i'm on a plain
this the day to day, no money in our pockets
we walk in a daze if it pays then we're prophets
peace signs and guns cockin' you should walk away
think the more you know then the less you say
house dogs hate the strays sharpies on our combats
rat kids in the basements, parents losing contact

. chorus .
la da da la da da dat da x 2
who are you? and why are you talking to me?
got so high forgot that you were talking to me
la da da . la da dat da .
forgot that you were talking to me

. verse 2 .
i got 18 wheelers and diamonds on my shoes
turn a penny to a million ima show you how to do it all that breath you're wasting, sounding basic
talking like you know us when it's time to show you never show us you're a poser a polaroid easy to exposer
uncomfy in your own skin, weird to be around you
aint met a man i'd bow to, treat our time with value
dont talk bout being dope it you're not paid for being dope
i got business on my brain pretty women at my shows a podium to stand on just to have an overdose
in your first rap you moved blow and you never moved no blow so that never really sold when you're real it really shows .

. verse 3 .
this the shit you dream about shit you losing sleep about
pick the people you cant go a week without, weak without
kill em then you'll see the shit that we about preach about it never do it fuck these losers we the new kids.
i just blew 50 dollars, had it so i spent it
if the white of my eyes to the front i'm fuckin faded
got friends got enemies no time no energy to tell between the two keep my tiny mindless crew
you hate the shit you never knew or run run from it i could vomit 90 diamonds out a one ton stomach
could stop being a sinner but the funds come from it
youre not cool enough to sit here, you still know how to feel fear
only rule to rat king never be a king rat
only rule to rat king there could never be no king rat!
Track Name: holy water.
. i could stand in the way in the place of the man watch the faces amazed he'd abrasive but damn this is holy water . painted faces on fam are they snakes are they friends throw em in throw em in to the holy water . you so basic you downgraded cable to basic for j's while you still live in the basement . this is holy water for the holy war we throw the holy water .

. verse 1 .
on the wedding day planned the divorce
she too serious need to smoke some weed more
take a facial snort a whole ki lawd save that church girl shit for the pastor
she was a dyke for a month you could ask her
now she lost with musicians and actors
went to college for a year she aint learn shit, she just got turned out when the term switched
bills due still due on the first of the month, menstrual missed due on the first of the month
now she pissin on a stick for 10.99 and you gotta pay for it!?
get the clinic on the line

. chorus .

. verse 2 .
i dont know what you been told but this is nothing special
another artist playing a god in front of devils
yall so fuckin sensitive why so fuckin sensitive
whats with all the censorship cant make fuckin sense of it
if you aint bout shit then you aint bout shit
just dont be opening your mouth when you round shit
n if your bitch talks for you then you bitch made
hit the kick flip flick on the switch blade
kick in the door waving the 4-4 they'll be sucking on my balls in a minute check the score
your the dorf da da door da da get the door dummy
its youre granny gettin boned loaning me your lunch money

. verse 3 .
testify fy fy till they quote it
defy defy defy till you own it
the fire the fire the fire keep you going
when the mind the minds the minds stop glowing
i'm young dumb and ignorant
(repeated until chorus)
Track Name: rat king.
. chorus .
this is my town this is my cloud and you can bow down you can bow down
this is my ground where you standing bitch this is my ground
rat king king this is my town

. verse 1 .
bad kid good city selfish undertone small crews dont let you in unless you worth a throne
heard that geniuses most often do their work alone
i'm too ignorant crib full of rats no parents home
no different couple over doses cops harassing us
zoning out while we're turning up i think time passing us
please dont dont let them understand me i keep plate around my table
then put gates around my family, keep snakes inside my garden
put 8ths inside my cranium dont blame me i'm just tainted
just what the come up made me
don't ask for it just take shit my blueprint straight make shift
don't take shit from no man been practicing on my patience
i'm senseless no call backs offensive no hand outs i meant this
i'm puttin on for them rat kids

. chorus .

. verse 2 .
10 pm lock your windows keep your kids at home
wolves are out on the prowl keep your tv's on
we're the seedy ones raised with no obedience
fear the world fear the world but you breeded us
life was made for living marijuana adolescence
helps you see it even load your guns and count your blessings
counting sheeps and counting friends that turn to fiends
cap and gown misled the rest and i'm just sittin in between
thats a rat thats a rat see you never fitted in
got my own sound my own look my on clique
. so FUCK you .
my own soul own goals no contract
. so FUCK you .
time and time they'll try but they'll never take me alive
speakers in my trunk when the bass hits they bump bump
serve the servants till ur 15 minutes done and hung up
breeded us to sell not to think shut the fuck up
written on the pill just sell just sell just sell

, verse 3 .
i lived so wrong so long lord please look over me
and if you dont i get it just dont grow cold on me
written by an older me someone take control of me
something take control of me before they get a hold of me and
shotgun buck shot trend chaser down
big splash hot flash rip tide drown
kill all the kings young dumb and ignorant sewer rat in the castles
tip your hat and dap the asshole