rat king.

from by Tijon

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. chorus .
this is my town this is my cloud and you can bow down you can bow down
this is my ground where you standing bitch this is my ground
rat king king this is my town

. verse 1 .
bad kid good city selfish undertone small crews dont let you in unless you worth a throne
heard that geniuses most often do their work alone
i'm too ignorant crib full of rats no parents home
no different couple over doses cops harassing us
zoning out while we're turning up i think time passing us
please dont dont let them understand me i keep plate around my table
then put gates around my family, keep snakes inside my garden
put 8ths inside my cranium dont blame me i'm just tainted
just what the come up made me
don't ask for it just take shit my blueprint straight make shift
don't take shit from no man been practicing on my patience
i'm senseless no call backs offensive no hand outs i meant this
i'm puttin on for them rat kids

. chorus .

. verse 2 .
10 pm lock your windows keep your kids at home
wolves are out on the prowl keep your tv's on
we're the seedy ones raised with no obedience
fear the world fear the world but you breeded us
life was made for living marijuana adolescence
helps you see it even load your guns and count your blessings
counting sheeps and counting friends that turn to fiends
cap and gown misled the rest and i'm just sittin in between
thats a rat thats a rat see you never fitted in
got my own sound my own look my on clique
. so FUCK you .
my own soul own goals no contract
. so FUCK you .
time and time they'll try but they'll never take me alive
speakers in my trunk when the bass hits they bump bump
serve the servants till ur 15 minutes done and hung up
breeded us to sell not to think shut the fuck up
written on the pill just sell just sell just sell

, verse 3 .
i lived so wrong so long lord please look over me
and if you dont i get it just dont grow cold on me
written by an older me someone take control of me
something take control of me before they get a hold of me and
shotgun buck shot trend chaser down
big splash hot flash rip tide drown
kill all the kings young dumb and ignorant sewer rat in the castles
tip your hat and dap the asshole


from rat kid ep., released May 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Tijon Jersey

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