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. verse 1 .
villains in the vip and we just arrived, cheating on the wives but it's justified
coke in her nose hollywood in her eyes
low IQ but her bust supplies what i lust tonight so what the fuck i might
numb in the blunt straight to the face done with the talk straight to the face dick in her mouth career on the climb had a press pass so it's justified
justified what a rush tonight throw the custom pipes on the custom bike
keep the curtains closed and dont trust your wife she might

. chorus .
make those cameras work x 3
its justified

. verse 2 .
aint no touchin unless you tippin big girl working for her tuition
her ambition got her soakin wet need a middle aged white man blue corvette
3 kids in college i bet his wife'd be sick if she seen them titties that he put on your chest
if she seen that ass in that blue corvette if she seen that cash she was tryin to spend
she was trying to win thats his justification hood ass strip club thats a fuckin vacation
give me a minute a moment alone lookin for a better me nobody home
no where to roam when you raised us drifters
gave us hard knocks but we take your women and they

. verse 3 .
tell me whatcha think baby tell me who ya love
she know i dont need her and my freedom is a drug
what's a little dirt we'll just sweep it under the rug
we're electric in a bottle busy shoppin for a plug
whats a label when an A&R's a local prostitute?
bust snorting lines off of my stomach in the living roof
sorry sir i really dont give a fuck to impress you
i got homies thats homeless we suffer from lack of decimals
home towns on heroin, feel you better i get it etc.
but that aint payin my bills bring my competitor
i'll pull a rabbit out a hat as heavy as an elephant
i dug a hole and left it open empty as a lesbian
hey veterans remember that feeling from your development?
it's here again we're tryna burn the building while ur children in em


from rat kid ep., released May 6, 2014



all rights reserved


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