holy water.

from by Tijon

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. i could stand in the way in the place of the man watch the faces amazed he'd abrasive but damn this is holy water . painted faces on fam are they snakes are they friends throw em in throw em in to the holy water . you so basic you downgraded cable to basic for j's while you still live in the basement . this is holy water for the holy war we throw the holy water .

. verse 1 .
on the wedding day planned the divorce
she too serious need to smoke some weed more
take a facial snort a whole ki lawd save that church girl shit for the pastor
she was a dyke for a month you could ask her
now she lost with musicians and actors
went to college for a year she aint learn shit, she just got turned out when the term switched
bills due still due on the first of the month, menstrual missed due on the first of the month
now she pissin on a stick for 10.99 and you gotta pay for it!?
get the clinic on the line

. chorus .

. verse 2 .
i dont know what you been told but this is nothing special
another artist playing a god in front of devils
yall so fuckin sensitive why so fuckin sensitive
whats with all the censorship cant make fuckin sense of it
if you aint bout shit then you aint bout shit
just dont be opening your mouth when you round shit
n if your bitch talks for you then you bitch made
hit the kick flip flick on the switch blade
kick in the door waving the 4-4 they'll be sucking on my balls in a minute check the score
your the dorf da da door da da get the door dummy
its youre granny gettin boned loaning me your lunch money

. verse 3 .
testify fy fy till they quote it
defy defy defy till you own it
the fire the fire the fire keep you going
when the mind the minds the minds stop glowing
i'm young dumb and ignorant
(repeated until chorus)


from rat kid ep., released May 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Tijon Jersey

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