from by Tijon

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we do what we want we dont ask for nothing sucka ask the baddest bet they say that we some bad mother x2

. verse 1 .
between you and me the thrill youre chasings a bore if reality dont like us then realties a whore
were bangin on the door hello we came for war
if youre reppin you should know exactly what youre reppin for
you impostor we could spot you in dalmatian skin
we're Cruella yellow furs and leopard minks broken homes and dirty sinks
shitty jobs and shitty thinkin, i'm thinkin, hold up i'm thinkin

. chorus .
were just bored were just bored we want to start a war
were just bored were just bored what you staring for?
we do what we want we dont ask for nothing sucker ask the baddest bet they say that we some bad bad bad

. verse 2 .
i got 5 on it dont sweat it ash right on the floor
i got 5 on it paper plates are in the drawer
thats the find china dont waste em put em under water
put em all in order then pull em under water
music loud the neighbors mad the cops come and arrest us
paddy wagon limousines your bentleys don't impress us
you cant dress like us your used to wearing cuffs
quit staring starer i told you you cant dress like us
i'm a shit head rat from a shit hole swamp get harassed by police pass a bowl before a blunt
locked me up for picking dandelions swear i getcha uncle John
where we're from they throw pebbles at you if you do not belong
hit the ground kiss my shlong i talk the talk and sprint the walk
kill your beat bring the chalk bag your bones before my groceries run to isle 3 grab febreeze and clean the scene before the Camden murder team arrives
i'll probably have till sunday morning its only monday night attend a riot on the sun i bet you still dont see the light
i know the angels wear the black and the devils were the white
you dont like me i dont care i packed too lightly for my flight

. verse 3 .
were the ones they warn you about the bad kids
i spent my time with the athletes and addicts in basements and attics
wish your mama took a facial and lame dick from your dad instead of having you
told my principal that shit today right after school it amused him so he did his civic duty tied a noose around the neck of a nuisance kicked me off the roof
i bruised my head but shit i went to bed and woke up in a new bughatti
cant control me i hope its obvious split the bill and i'll kill the optimist
hoppin out while you cop binoculars talkin bout youll catch me slippin
yea right bitch i wish you would like a dyke bitch that copped a genie lantern i'll graffiti on your hood like
i will never test Tijon cuz he seems kinda crazy
plus i heard that he neutered Chrissy D before he ate him
you have ball less production i'm lawless obstruction of justice
i'm blushing i'm blushing


from rat kid ep., released May 6, 2014
. produced by Chris D'Eletto .
. written by Tijon .



all rights reserved


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